More customer relevance!
BEAM® reveals the relevant customer clusters and their specific needs!

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Transformation? How to do it right!
BEAM® identifies the relevant points of action for successful transformation!

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Digitization — but how?
BEAM® reveals which steps of digitization are highly relevant to your customers!

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What is BEAM®?

BEAM®  =  Business Enhancement Activation Model

New strategy approach

BEAM® is an innovate, holistic market analytics approach that validly identifies market effects and market a result accuracy that is unmatched so far.

BEAM Consulting GmbH gives answers on how your business can outdo, outsell, outperform your competition.

For desicion-makers

BEAM® is a tool for decision-makers! The model provides pinpoint market figures: it totally reveals which potentials measures could reach – bevor implementing them into a real market situation.

Therefore, you gain a maximum level of security regarding the potentials of your strategy beforehand and can optimize early – you act instead of reacting!


BEAM® is internationally applicable to all global markets. You obtain the option to extract important insights from each country market of your choice.

Thus, you are always able to optimally adjust your products and/or your customer and sales approach to the respective customer types, markets and cultural circumstances.

Business Enhancement Activation Model (BEAM®)

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BEAM® – verify decisions in 4 steps

Magic behind BEAM®: the QII

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Qii – Quantum Impact Incubator

"Analytics power plant" in the background of BEAM®

Market analytics on a new level

The interdisciplinary analytics model Qii provides a clear basis of decision-making for entrepreneurial challenges.

More market insights for your business

Qii enables you to significantly ace out your competition regarding revenue, sales figures & performance.

The key to your customers

(Buying) decisions will be made transparent: Qii exactly calculates the crucial influencing factors.

Gain security regarding your market potentials

Qii depicts realistic market situations – it enables you to test strategic actions and ideas regarding their direct market effect without any risk.

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About BEAM Consulting

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Who are we?

About BEAM Consulting

BEAM Consulting GmbH is an independent strategy consulting firm that presents itself with an absolutely new approach in consulting business. Our BEAM® provides those market figures for decision-makers that they need as a reliable basis for decision-making.


We can refer to years of professional experience within strategic projects. Thereby, we benefit from our cross-industry know how and that enables us to reliably evaluate the chances of markets success of our clients.


With BEAM® we invented a new strategy tool that is globally unique. Based on our Quantum Impact Incubator (Qii) we are able to validly forecast market effects and potentials.


Markets become more and more complex: BEAM® provides decisive transparency, clear market figures and allows you to stay ahead your competitors. That gives assurance to make entrepreneurial decisions on a stable and resilient basis.


Experience from 100+ strategy projects


Performed market analyses


and more analyzed market data sets


cups of coffee per day and per person (min.)