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About BEAM Consulting

BEAM Consulting GmbH is an independent strategy consulting firm that presents itself with an absolutely new approach in consulting business. With our Business Enhancement Activation Model (BEAM®) we created a modular concept in which we and our clients are able to jointly assemble an individual service package from different performance dimensions. Each service package only includes services that are really needed for a client project: That means: maximum transparency and maximum cost efficiency for our clients.

But, just having a good concept does not provide answers for entrepreneural tasks with which our clients are confronted. Important is to provide a decision-making basis for our clients so that they get into position to come to a sustainable decision. We consider that these decisions must be confirmed with reliable and realistic market figures. And especially this is our USP: We provide exactly these market figures that forecast the optimum solution for a management task.

Thereby, the Management and Consultants of BEAM Consulting GmbH can refer to years of professional experience and expert knowledge regarding model analysis of corporate strategic decisisons.

With our in-house developed BEAM® our clients are able to test strategic approaches and ideas regarding their immediate market effect in our BEAM® simulation market – absolutely riskless. In result our clients get real market figures e. g. forecast values for market share increases. That prepares the entrepreneurial decision that gains maximum market success. Due to the proven impressive mathematical reliability BEAM® is an approach that is unique and offers the highest forecast reliability and stability in comparison to our competitors for our clients.

We preserve our independence: BEAM Consulting GmbH has no obligations to manufacturers, service providers or clients. Only in this way we are able to generate an absolutely impartial consulting service for our clients.

The BEAM® Philosophy.

Markets of today and future markets are situated in a continuously process of change. Increasing complexity requires new (intellectual) approaches get hold of steadily more dynamic market mechanisms.

We meet these more nontransparent markets with the new approach of our BEAM® that gives you the necessary transparency to look through markets and allows you to stay ahead your competitors and your customers. So, you are able to further make your entrepreneurial decisions on a stable and resilient basis.