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Magic behind BEAM®?

Der Quantum Impact Incubator (Qii)

In the heart of BEAM® the Quantum Impact Incubator (Qii) operates that is created together with Mathematicians, Physicists, Psychologists and Economy experts. BEAM® is the first model that combines scientific solution approaches from different disciplines with management tasks and unites them in the Quantum Impact Incubator (Qii). In this way we raise validity for Investment Forecast Models to a new level.

USP of Qii

Qii depicts realistic market situations in a virtual simulation model. With this model situation our clients can test strategic actions and ideas regarding their direct market effect without any risk. The advantage of our model is that it delivers real figures and reveals potentials for actions — before they will be implemented into the real market. Thus, the strategic principle decision is identified that achieves maximum market success.

We support you to look differently at your markets to reveal the potential and chances in your market environment in order to offer a proven and reliable forecast model that delivers real numbers. Because: the only way of getting those market information that you need for sustainable market success is to shed light on the right spots of your market. Too much information won't let you choose the right answers to the market needs

The challenge is: only a quarter of human responsiveness depict the real market needs. Because: in the case of buying and/or selection decision every human being answers tactically - consciously or unconsciously. This quarter, the "real" market needs, are the market spheres of activity that gain profit. How can you be sure to focus on the right preferences?

We identify this profitable quarter of market needs to significantly outdo your competitors regarding turnover, sales figures and performance. Qii reveals the truth within the jungle of information within markets and uncovers the multi-dimensional needs. So, our Quantum Impact Incubator (Qii) delivers a reliable and resilient information basis for decision makers.

We BEAM® your business to the next level!

BEAM® – lead trough leading methods!